Stan Chamberlain is a retired electronic engineer with a lifelong love of photography, traveling and sailing.

Having lived in Barrington, RI for the past 40 years he has sailed extensively in Narragansett Bay and the adjacent coastal waters of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. He was out on Rhode Island Sound watching the America’s Cup 12-meter sailing races during the competitions in 1964, ’67, ’70, ’74, ’77, ’80 and the final one held in Rhode Island waters in 1983. His America’s Cup sailing photos here are from the 12-Meter World Championships held in RI Sound in September 2009.

His photos of Tall Ships are from the parade of sail in Narragansett Bay in July 2007.

His Barrington photos were taken during various seasons and conditions.

Stan also has an extensive set of international photos, many of which were taken while serving his engineering society as photographer at their international conferences, including those in Japan, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany and Scotland. He has just returned from his second trip to Australia and his first to New Zealand.

His love of photography included a black-and-white darkroom years ago.

His love of digital photography preceded his ownership of a digital camera, having scanned photographs into the computer and processing them in Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom. He now uses digital cameras exclusively.

He hopes he is able to convey his enjoyment of photography to you as you observe his photos.

Stan Chamberlain
International and Nautical Photography